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In previous episodes, I was a Senior Brand Designer at Cabify and I've worked on the fascinating fields of mobility, communication services, fashion, and journalism. Right now I spend my time writing with my girlfriend a newsletter called mytwocents.news, coorganizing Double Dot, a product design event, drinking beer and playing with my puppy Juanita.
Brand and Product Designer at Email Meter
2019 – Present
Freelance Brand and Product Designer
2016 – Present
Global Senior Brand Designer at Cabify
2018 – 2019
Lead Visual and UI Designer at Housell
2018 – 2019
UX/UI Designer at Diga33
2016 – 2017
Digital Designer at Butragueño&Buttlander
2015 – 2016
Freelance projects as
Senior Digital Designer for wozere
Graphic and Digital Designer for fetenstudio
Editorial and Layout Designer for El País
UX/UI Designer for Tribal World Wide